Goddyn, Luis A.

Circular colouring the orthogonality graph ★★

Author(s): DeVos; Ghebleh; Goddyn; Mohar; Naserasr

Let $ {\mathcal O} $ denote the graph with vertex set consisting of all lines through the origin in $ {\mathbb R}^3 $ and two vertices adjacent in $ {\mathcal O} $ if they are perpendicular.

Problem   Is $ \chi_c({\mathcal O}) = 4 $?

Keywords: circular coloring; geometric graph; orthogonality

A conjecture on iterated circumcentres ★★

Author(s): Goddyn

Conjecture   Let $ p_1,p_2,p_3,\ldots $ be a sequence of points in $ {\mathbb R}^d $ with the property that for every $ i \ge d+2 $, the points $ p_{i-1}, p_{i-2}, \ldots p_{i-d-1} $ are distinct, lie on a unique sphere, and further, $ p_i $ is the center of this sphere. If this sequence is periodic, must its period be $ 2d+4 $?

Keywords: periodic; plane geometry; sequence

(2 + epsilon)-flow conjecture ★★★

Author(s): Goddyn; Seymour

Conjecture   For every $ \epsilon>0 $ there exists an integer $ k $ so that every $ k $-edge-connected graph has a $ (2+\epsilon) $-flow.

Keywords: edge-connectivity; flow

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