Cores of Cayley graphs

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Author(s): Samal, Robert
Subject: Graph Theory
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Keywords: Cayley graph
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Posted by: Robert Samal
on: March 6th, 2007
Conjecture   Let $ M $ be an abelian group. Is the core of a Cayley graph (on some power of $ M $) a Cayley graph (on some power of $ M $)?

Even the case $ M=\mathbb{Z}_2 $ is open. In this case, Cayley graphs on some power of $ \mathbb{Z}_2 $ are called cube-like graphs, they have been introduced by Lov\'asz as an example of graphs, for which every eigenvalue is an integer.

So, in this case we ask, whether a core of each cube-like graph is a cube-like graph.

Who first conjectured this?

Who first conjectured that the core of a cubelike graph is cubelike?

Question needs refining...

As stated, the conjecture is false in an uninteresting way ... it is possible for a Cayley graph of Z_15 have a 5-cycle as a core.... So if we take M = Z_15 then the result is false.

Perhaps the question should either (a) be restricted to elementary abelian groups or (b) have the conclusion being that the core of a Cayley graph on M must be a Cayley graph on N where N is a (group) homomorphic image of M.

Gordon Royle

Re: Question needs refining...

That is true. I was mainly thinking about $ M={\mathbb Z}_p $ (for a prime $ p $). However, your suggestion (b) looks sensible as well.

Thanks for your comment!

Robert Samal

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