Rüdinger, Andreas

Asymptotic Distribution of Form of Polyhedra ★★

Author(s): Rüdinger

Problem   Consider the set of all topologically inequivalent polyhedra with $ k $ edges. Define a form parameter for a polyhedron as $ \beta:= v/(k+2) $ where $ v $ is the number of vertices. What is the distribution of $ \beta $ for $ k \to \infty $?

Keywords: polyhedral graphs, distribution

Criterion for boundedness of power series

Author(s): Rüdinger

Question   Give a necessary and sufficient criterion for the sequence $ (a_n) $ so that the power series $ \sum_{n=0}^{\infty} a_n x^n $ is bounded for all $ x \in \mathbb{R} $.

Keywords: boundedness; power series; real analysis

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