List Hadwiger Conjecture

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Posted by: David Wood
on: July 7th, 2014
Conjecture   Every $ K_t $-minor-free graph is $ c t $-list-colourable for some constant $ c\geq1 $.

Hadwiger's conjecture asserts that every $ K_t $-minor-free graph is $ (t − 1) $-colourable. Robertson, Seymour and Thomas [RST] proved Hadwiger's conjecture for $ t \leq 6 $. It remains open for $ t \geq 7 $. In fact, it is open whether every $ K_t $-minor-free graph is $ ct $-colourable for some constant $ c\geq 1 $. It is natural to consider analogous problems for list colourings.

First, consider planar graphs. While every planar graph is 4-colourable, Erdös, Rubin and Taylor. [ERT] conjectured that some planar graph is not 4-list-colourable, and that every planar graph is 5-list-colourable. The first conjecture was verified by Voigt [V] and the second by Thomassen [T].

More generally, Borowiecki [B] asked whether every $ K_t $-minor-free graph is $ (t − 1) $-list-colourable, which is true for $ t \leq 4 $ but false for $ t = 5 $ by Voigt’s example. Kawarabayashi and Mohar [KM] proposed the stated conjecture, and suggested it might be true with $ c=\frac{3}{2} $. Barát, Joret and Wood [BJW] proved that $ c\geq\frac{4}{3} $. In particular, they constructed a $ K_{3t+2} $-minor-free graph that is not $ 4t $-list-colourable.


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