Arc-disjoint strongly connected spanning subdigraphs

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Subject: Graph Theory
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Posted by: fhavet
on: March 2nd, 2013
Conjecture   There exists an ineteger $ k $ so that every $ k $-arc-connected digraph contains a pair of arc-disjoint strongly connected spanning subdigraphs?

Bang-Jensen and Yeo [BY] proved the conjecture for several classes like tournaments. There is stronger conjecture for tournaments. Yeo (See [BG, Theorem 13.10.1]) showed that it is NP-complete to decide whether a 2-regular digraph has two arc-disjoint strongly connected spanning subdigraphs.

A similar question can be asked about arc-disjoint out-branching and in-branching. Several related problems are mentioned in the survey of Bang-Jensen and Kriesell [BK].


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* indicates original appearance(s) of problem.