A diagram about funcoids and reloids

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Author(s): Porton, Victor
Subject: Topology
Keywords: Galois connections
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Posted by: porton
on: November 26th, 2016

Define for posets with order $ \sqsubseteq $:

  1. $ \Phi_{\ast} f = \lambda b \in \mathfrak{B}: \bigcup \{ x \in \mathfrak{A} \mid f x \sqsubseteq b \} $;
  2. $ \Phi^{\ast} f = \lambda b \in \mathfrak{A}: \bigcap \{ x \in \mathfrak{B} \mid f x \sqsupseteq b \} $.

Note that the above is a generalization of monotone Galois connections (with $ \max $ and $ \min $ replaced with suprema and infima).

Then we have the following diagram:

What is at the node "other" in the diagram is unknown.

Conjecture   "Other" is $ \lambda f\in\mathsf{FCD}: \top $.
Question   What repeated applying of $ \Phi_{\ast} $ and $ \Phi^{\ast} $ to "other" leads to? Particularly, does repeated applying $ \Phi_{\ast} $ and/or $ \Phi^{\ast} $ to the node "other" lead to finite or infinite sets?

See Algebraic General Topology for definitions of used concepts.

The known part of the diagram is considered in this file.


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The value of node "other"

It seems that the node "other" is not $ \lambda f\in\mathsf{FCD}: \top $.

I conjecture $ \langle \Phi_{\ast}  (\mathsf{RLD})_{\operatorname{out}} \rangle f = (\mathsf{FCD}) f $ where $ f $ is the reloid defined by the cofinite filter on $ A \times B $ and thus $ \langle (\mathsf{FCD}) f \rangle \{ x \} = \bot $ for all singletons $ \{ x \} $ and $ \langle (\mathsf{FCD}) f \rangle p = \top $ for every nontrivial atomic filter $ p $.

This is my very recent thoughts and yet needs to be checked.

-- Victor Porton - http://www.mathematics21.org

The diagram was with an error

My diagram was with an error. I have uploaded a corrected version of the diagram.

Victor Porton - http://www.mathematics21.org

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