Question about 'solving' something

So, I guess I have found two counterexamples for the 5-cycle double cover conjecture given in the garden ( and I am a little afraid to use the 'solved' option. Since no one has looked at/checked my stuff. What is the normal procedure for this? Thanks, Nieke (newbie)

Is this garden still in use?

As nobody responded, I just changed the solved-identity. I guess, if this garden is still in use, now I'll get a response ;)

Re: Is this garden still in use?

Sorry for slow response. The garden is definitely in use, only a bit slow moving right now. For that particular problem, read my comment there. As a general rule: we usually mark the problem as solved only after the paper about it goes through a peer-review process -- but definitely one should wait till somebody "in the know" verifies his proof or counterexample.

Best wishes, Robert


Sorry. And thanks, I will follow this procedure next time!

Best, Nieke

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