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Hi, I'd like to create sub-areas in the Topology problem section. How do I do that, or does it require a moderator? I notice almost no activity on this forum. Is the "Open Problem Garden" project dead? Thanks for any information, -Ryan Budney University of Victoria

Re: Topology sub-areas


the project is certainly not dead, only other duties prevent the original contributors from submitting new problems these days ...

Anyways: let me know what subareas (and possibly subsubareas) would make sense for topology. This requires a moderator, but we will do it promptly.

Many thanks for your contributions!

Robert Samal

My topology areas

Hi moderators,

I have submitted several open problems which appeared in the course of my research.

Moderators moved all my problems into "Second tier problems" section. I believe moderators did it because my research is not yet published.

Robert, I hope that you will move them back to Topology section after I will publish the research where I define the problems. I hope not in vain, don't I? I hope to publish that article during a year.

Afterward we should have a special subsection of Topology (or may be better of Topology/General) for my problems. I suggest to name my section "Funcoids & Reloids" ("theory of funcoids and reloids" is an other name of "Algebraic General Topology", AGT for short).

Victor Porton -

It is not dead

It is certainly not dead, new problems appear regularly. Just forum activity is low.

Regarding your question: Common users cannot create new (sub)areas, sadly.

Victor Porton -

However these are your posts :-)

"New problems appear regularly".

However I noted that many of these are posted by you, rybu :-)

Anyway Open Problem Garden is not dead.

What is the approximation of its grow time going to infinity? It is a fundamental mathematical question :-)

Victor Porton -

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