Importance: Medium ✭✭
Author(s): Porton, Victor
Subject: Topology
Recomm. for undergrads: no
Posted by: porton
on: August 9th, 2007
Solved by: Porton, Victor
Conjecture   $ ( \mathsf{\tmop{RLD}})_{\tmop{out}} (g \circ f) = ( \mathsf{\tmop{RLD}})_{\tmop{out}} g \circ ( \mathsf{\tmop{RLD}})_{\tmop{out}} f $ for any composable funcoids $ f $ and $ g $.

See Algebraic General Topology for definitions of used concepts.

A counter-example: $ f = {(=)}|_{\Omega} $ and $ g = \mho \times^{\mathsf{\tmop{FCD}}} \{ \alpha \} $.

See the proof for the counter-example in my blog.


*Victor Porton. Algebraic General Topology

* indicates original appearance(s) of problem.


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