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Subject: Graph Theory
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Posted by: fhavet
on: March 1st, 2013
Conjecture   Every digraph has a stable set meeting all longest directed paths

If the stability number is 1, that is if the digraph is a tournament, it follows Redei's Theorem stating that every tournament has a directed hamiltonian path. The conjecture has been proved by Havet [H] for digraphs having stability number 2.

The conjecture would give an easy inductive proof of Gallai-Roy Theorem: every digraph with chromatic number $ k $ contains a directed path on $ k $ vertices.

Hahn and Jackson [HJ] conjectured that in contrast there is no directed path meeting every maximum stable set. In fact, they conjectured the following: For each positive integer $ k $, there is a digraph $ D $ with stability number $ k $ such that deleting the vertices of any $ k-1 $ directed paths in $ D $ leaves a digraph with stability number $ k $. This was proved by Fox and Sudakov [FS] by a probabilistic argument.


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