Number Theory

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Wall-Sun-Sun primes and Fibonacci divisibility✭✭0Computational N.T.adudzik
Twin prime conjecture✭✭✭✭0kaushiks.nitt
The Riemann HypothesisRiemann✭✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.eric
The Erdos-Turan conjecture on additive basesErdos; Turan✭✭✭✭0Additive N.T.mdevos
The 3n+1 conjectureCollatz✭✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.dododododo
Sum of prime and semiprime conjectureGeoffrey Marnell✭✭0princeps
Special PrimesGeorge BALAN1maththebalans
Snevily's conjectureSnevily✭✭✭1Combinatorial N.T.mdevos
Singmaster's conjectureSingmaster✭✭1Combinatorial N.T.Zach Teitler
Sets with distinct subset sumsErdos✭✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.mdevos
Schanuel's ConjectureSchanuel✭✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.Charles
Quartic rationally derived polynomialsBuchholz; MacDougall✭✭✭0mdevos
Primitive pythagorean n-tuple tree✭✭0tsihonglau
Polignac's Conjecturede Polignac✭✭✭0Hugh Barker
Perfect cuboid✭✭0Computational N.T.tsihonglau
Olson's ConjectureOlson✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.mdevos
Odd perfect numbersAncient/folklore✭✭✭1azi
Odd incongruent covering systemsErdos; Selfridge✭✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.Robert Samal
Magic square of squaresLaBar✭✭1Computational N.T.maxal
Lucas Numbers Modulo m✭✭1Martin Erickson
Lonely runner conjectureCusick; Wills✭✭✭0mdevos
Lindelöf hypothesisLindelöf✭✭0Analytic N.T.porton
Is Skewes' number e^e^e^79 an integer?✭✭0Analytic N.T.VladimirReshetnikov
Goldbach conjectureGoldbach✭✭✭✭0Additive N.T.Benschop
Giuga's Conjecture on PrimalityGiuseppe Giuga✭✭0princeps
Gao's theorem for nonabelian groupsDeVos✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.mdevos
Frobenius number of four or more integers✭✭1Combinatorial N.T.maxal
Few subsequence sums in Z_n x Z_nBollobas; Leader✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.mdevos
Euler-Mascheroni constant✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.Juggernaut
Erdős–Straus conjectureErdos; Straus✭✭1ACW
Divisibility of central binomial coefficientsGraham✭✭1Combinatorial N.T.maxal
Distribution and upper bound of mimic numbersBhattacharyya✭✭1Analytic N.T.facility_cttb@i...
Diophantine quintuple conjecture✭✭1maxal
Davenport's constant✭✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.mdevos
Covering systems with big moduliErdos; Selfridge✭✭0Combinatorial N.T.Robert Samal
Counterexamples to the Baillie-PSW primality test✭✭1Computational N.T.maxal
Chowla's cosine problemChowla✭✭✭0mdevos
Birch & Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture✭✭✭✭0eyoong
Are there only finite Fermat Primes?✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.kurtulmehtap
Are there infinite number of Mersenne Primes?✭✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.kurtulmehtap
Are there an infinite number of lucky primes?Lazarus: Gardiner: Metropolis; Ulam1Additive N.T.cubola zaruka
Are all Mersenne Numbers with prime exponent square-free?✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.kurtulmehtap
Are all Fermat Numbers square-free?✭✭✭0Analytic N.T.kurtulmehtap
Algebraic independence of pi and e✭✭✭0porton
Alexa's Conjecture on PrimalityAlexa✭✭0princeps
A sextic counterexample to Euler's sum of powers conjectureEuler✭✭1Computational N.T.maxal
A discrete iteration related to Pierce expansionsShallit✭✭1shallit
3 is a primitive root modulo primes of the form 16 q^4 + 1, where q>3 is prime✭✭0princeps
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